Christmas In America: Why Putting Christ Back in Christmas is not Enough

October 20th at Christ the King Presbyterian Church.

What does it mean to celebrate Christmas in America? What does it look like to bear faithful witness at Christmas in our homes and churches? In what ways do our celebrations lean more to thel influences of Charles Dickens and Santa Claus drinking a Coca-Cola. How can it lean more to the birth narratives of Matthew and Luke? And why do we feel more exhausted and stressed than peaceful and nourished at Christmas?

Join us for this free event with Dr. David Taylor on what it would really look like to put “Christ back in Christmas.” He will be joined by a group of songwriters who will have participated in a project to write new Christmas hymns and songs. Hear what it would sound like to have a more transformative encounter with the good news of the Incarnation. See what it would mean to experience a more beautiful witness to a watching world that desparately wants to know if God is in fact with us

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